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New Zealand is in dire need of critical healthcare professionals. Thus, nursing professionals, especially registered nurses are in demand. There are ample opportunities available for them to work in a variety of settings and roles. Nurses across the world can even opt for well-curated Nursing Courses in NZ and become eligible to begin their professional journey in New Zealand as soon as they receive their registration.

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In NZ, get opportunities to work in different verticals of the healthcare ecosystem of New Zealand and get a chance to be associated with other healthcare professionals.

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It benefits professional nurses to pave their way toward a great career path and also helps them expand their networks in the health sector of NZ. One of the major benefits of being a Registered Nurse in NZ is the inclusion of the occupation in the Green List by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). The inclusion of the Registered Nurse occupation in the Green List makes them eligible for Tier 2 role, which gets them on work to residence pathway in NZ.

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Health Workers across New Zealand are much appreciated for their career choices and their payment reflects the same. The NZ government has always demonstrated that it genuinely values nurses by including them in healthcare reforms. The minimum salary of a registered nurse in NZ is between NZD 54,000 to NZD 78,000 per annum. The salary of nursing professionals depends on their qualifications, experiences, responsibilities, etc.

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There are certain processes to be followed to become a registered nurse in NZ. Here is all you need to know: The first step to becoming a nursing professional in New Zealand is receiving the registration number from the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ).

The Nursing Council Of New Zealand
Requires The Following To Consider
The Applications ​



B.Sc., Post B.Sc., or M.Sc. is the accepted qualification for becoming a nurse in New Zealand. However, the courses must be approved by the Nursing Council.


Work Experience

B.Sc., Post B.Sc., or M.Sc. is the accepted qualification for becoming a nurse in New Zealand. However, the courses must be approved by the Nursing Council.


English Language Certification

IELTS is a mandatory requirement to get any job in New Zealand. In the IELTS exam, the score of an individual nursing professional aspirant should not be any less than-

Academic (minimum score of 7 is mandatory for reading, listening, and speaking. However, a minimum score of 6.5 is required for writing)

OET B (minimum score of 350 is required for reading, listening, and speaking. But for writing the average score should be a minimum 300)

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The Process​

The process of becoming a registered nurse is simple. One must work as an overseas registered nurse for two years in the last five years. This experience is required to ensure that aspiring nurses have practical experience.

If this criterion is met, the aspirant must apply to The Credentials VerificationSery for the Nursing Council of New Zealand (CVS-NCNZ) CGFNS International.

Post this step, CGFNS verifies the details tailored to work experience, personal identity, and educational documents. The verification process is mandatorily conducted to determine whether the applicant's educational qualifications and work experience are genuine and if they meet all the requirements.

After drafting the report, CGFNS forwards it to the NCNZ.

The NCNZ will then review the report and decide on the registration application. If required, they might request the applicant to complete the Competence Assessment Program (CAP) before registration.

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Competence Assessment Program (Cap) ​

Nursing in New Zealand can be seamless with CAP.

The Competence Assessment Program aka CAP helps overseas nursing professionals to meet the eligibility criteria of the Nursing Council of New Zealand and help them with a New Zealand Registered Nurse Practicing Certificate. This certificate can be leveraged in all healthcare settings. This 612 weeks of training combines theoretical learning and on-ground duties. The course fees of CAP range from NZD 8000 to NZD 12000.

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Pursue Nursing Courses In New Zealand ​

Nursing is amongst the most popular courses/qualification in New Zealand. The country offers a vast range of nursing courses and has some globally recognized education providers. Intensive care, community mental health, aged care, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory care are some of the areas of specialization registered nurses can opt for.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of studying depends on whether you are doing a bachelor's or master's degree and varies from institution to institution. Besides tuition fees, you will also need money for living expenses - accommodation, food, water, gas, electricity, internet, transportation etc.

To become a Registered Nurse NZ, you must complete a three years Bachelor of Nursing degree or a two years graduate entry Master’s degree.

To become a Registered Nurse NZ, you must complete a Nursing Council approved Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Health Science programme. This can be done from any university, polytechnic or institute.

Besides this, you must have practical work experience of 2 years post gaining registration. Also, you must meet the English language requirements.

Becoming a Registered Nurse NZ depends on the qualification you hold. A Master of Nursing degree takes two years to complete.

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